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1.  How long are the classes?

                Generally 8 week sessions that meet once a week for about an hour.

2.  How old does my dog have to be?

                We don’t start formal obedience until dogs are 7 months old.  This gives them time to grow up and enjoy being a puppy.                           Anything sooner is like putting a kindergartner in a college class and expecting them to focus.

3.  Do you have classes for puppies?

                Absolutely!  We offer one-on-one classes for puppies because there’s so much training for the people at this point and less for                 the dog. A thorough intro to all things puppy and you’ll be off and running literally until they are ready for formal training.

4.  When can I bring my puppy out to the field?

                We recommend puppies have had at least 2 shots before they come to the training field but check with your vet.  This is a                       great  age to socialize in a safe environment around people who understand puppies.

5.  Do you use motivation or compulsion training?

                We teach through motivation and once a behavior is understood, we use appropriate corrections to ensure the dog follows                       through on the behavior.  For some dogs, this may only require a firm, “No,” for others a leash correction would suffice.

6.  What age do you start protection training?

                As early as 8 weeks if the drive is there.  For sport dogs obedience is after initial protection work but for personal protection,                   most work is done after basic obedience skills are in place.

7.  Who can do protection?

                99% of the time dogs have to be bred for the work.  Generally you don’t get a Secretariat from two nags in a field, but we offer                 an evaluation that can determine your dog’s genetic make-up and drive for the work.  A game plan can be devised from there                 to meet your personal goals.  Call (209) 632-3458 to set up an evaluation.  

8.  How do the protection sessions work?

                There is a first come first served list out back on the side of the kennels.  Dogs are worked individually in protection so dogs                    waiting are in crates, cars or trucks until their turn on the field.  Please be aware of temperatures so it’s not too hot.

9.  When I come out, where do I potty my dog?

                 Each field has a designated area for you to relieve your dog on leash.  Never allow your dog to potty on the training field.

10.  How long does it take to get a dog to protect?

                 This is a hard question to answer because there are so many variables, but a general ball-park for a dog that is genetically                      bred for it would be 6 months to a year.   Unlike obedience, it is a slow process.


no potty on the field sign

Please don't let your dog potty on the field and be sure to clean up after yourselves

Children are welcome but please keep them under control.  No running. We recommend puppies have at least two sets of shots before coming to the field. 

Jack Russell terrier on leash

The field is open for on your own obedience before protection but please keep your dog on a leash and don't allow them to jump on other people or say "hi" to other dogs unless invited. Also, please do not 'down' your dog and walk away.

hand with pen signing up at BVDT

Please sign your name on the board on the back of the kennels to work your dog. The list is first come, first serve and please do not sign up for someone else.  There is ONE dog on the field at a time during protection.  Please be on deck for your turn, ready to go.

poodle with money bag BVDT fees

 Puppies are free until 6mo. old, then fees go to $20/session for club members and $30 for non-club members.  After 5 sessions, you will be asked to join the club for insurance purposes.  Cost is $175/yr. Please be aware sessions are kept short to maximize peak interest.

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