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For those with particular time contraints or individual issues, BVDT offers all types of training including protection and problem-solving, basic and competition obedience or behavioral issues all on an individual basis.  Sessions are by appointment in half hour and hour slots.  Call or email for availability.

An individual look at your dog's temperment and drives including:  prey, food, fight, defense, and aggression determines your dog's genetic potential to perform in both protection and/or Schutzhund.  Problem Solving Evaluations are offered for individual issues related to obedience or behavioral issues.  Problems like dog aggression can be assessed and a plan of prevention put into place.

Girl holding doberman puppy in her lap at BVDT




8wks. hands-on session for dogs 7mo. old or older that covers all the basic commands and is  off-leash for the final!  Currently offered on Wed. evenings.  Each class is about an hour long.  Class size is limited to maximize personal attention.  Call or email to reserve yor spot.  Classes offered about every 10 weeks.



To better educate and equip handlers to deal with everyday life with a puppy, BVDT offers a one-time private puppy session that covers the gamet of puppy do's and don'ts.  It's dog behavior 101, covering everything from building drives, shaping and luring behaviors , focus work plus all the annoying puppy behviors that are par for the course.  Sessions are by appt. about one-hour with a hands-on demonstration at the end.  



Also an 8wk offering for those who want to sharpen what they learned in the Basic Class, take it up a notch  or just want something more to do with their dogs.  Class covers distraction proofing, a "rug" command, food refusal, superstitious behaviors and some fun dog tricks! Individual issues are also addressed. as well as off-site training.  Class is scheduled intermittently so cal for dates and times!


Boston terrier puppy protection work at BVDT



Yes, it starts young.  Puppies and hanlders bond and build confidence as you learn to play with your puppy to build the right drives.  Puppies are worked individually or in a puppy circle in short bursts to build their anticipation without losing their focus.  Monday and Friday nights.

Basic Obedience at BVDT dog is heeling next to handler



In our crime ridden world, dogs are still the best deterent, even if only to serve as a warming.  For dogs genetically predisposed, BVDT teaches dogs to recognize a threat and respond.  If you are interested, call for an evaluation today!




For those looking for something fun to do with their dog, IPO promises interaction iwth dogs and people in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  Training is on Sundays currently.  Will change for summer.  On your own OB at 8am  Protection starts at 9am- done. Feel free to come check it out!  

Small dog sitting looking up at handler during BVDT obedience class



For people who are too busy to train but still want manners, BVDT offers the perfet solution. Dogs stay on site for 6-7 weeks and learn all their basic commands, plus a rug-command, all off-leash!  Follow up classes ensure the work transfers home.  Must be 1yr. old or older to be eligible and evalated.  Books months in advance.  Call or e-mail now to get on the waiting list!

Hell's Kitchen logo DVG



This class offers competitors a chance to hone in on their skills in all three phases of IPO, providing a time of reflection and discussion of each phase. Currently meeting twice a month for a full day of training, food and fun!  Different stadiums serve as practice locations as well as our own BVDT. Call for current schedule.   

Joel Monroe competiting in German with IPO3 dog heeling pattern



For those looking to pursue a Bh title for their dogs in IPO, this class is a must!  Dogs are worked individually through all required exercises as well and rules and regulations, plus tips and problem-solving techniques.  Mock trial concludes the session.  Only serious handler please.  Call for schedule.



BVDT periodically offers 1-3 day workshops for handlers looking for a dog-training get away. You'll want to plan your vacation around this!  Guests are invited  for full day of teaching, training and indulging in some fun.  Grab some friends and book your doggy vacation today!  All levels welcome.



Athletic and dedicated?  If your'e interested in becoming a helper for IPO, BVDT offers on site teaching and training for those willing to spend the time and have an eye for detail.  Under certified teaching helper, Joel Monroe you'll learn safe helper work, trial rules, how to read dogs and much more!  An invaluable education for anyone looking to advance in the area of IPO.  Call for pricing.




Environmental Saturdays (Summer only)

A break from the rigor of points and position into some fun scenarios that introduce new elements like the bite suit, build confidence, and mimic real life protection.

BVDT hosts 3-4 Schutzhund competitions throughout the year.  Check the calendar and come see what all the fuss is about!



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