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Dog Training that Works!

From Chaos to Control in 8 weeks

It's a beautiful thing!
Joel Monroe teaching a group basic obedience class at BVDT

Let BVDT show you how enjoyable a well mannered dog can be!

Don't settle for a video or someone with limited experience .  BVDT's curriculum has been created by  former school teacher, handler, trainer, competitor, Joel Monroe.  Joel has had over 30 years experience in dogs, working hundreds a week, teaching handlers and trainers along the way!

blue dog with orange collar jumping


The BVDT Obedience Course can teach your dog :  Basic Obedience - Sit, down, stay, come, and heel. While  most other basic obedience courses teach these commands on leash, our basic program will have your dog trained to obey off-leash!

graphic small dog running

Personal Protection

Personal Protection is the differenece between a good night's sleep or not in these scary times.  BVDT can develop the confidence your dog needs to protect you and your family when it counts.

obedient orange dog cartoon smiling

Behavioral  Issues

Get help with your behavioral issues from the behaviorial issues experts!   BVDT has been the local go to for the surrounding vets for years  for problems with dog aggression, people aggression anxiety and countless more!

dog cartoon yelling for help with behavior issues

Schutzhund/ IGP Sport

Unlock your next adventure with your dog and come check out the 3 phase addictive sport known internationally now as IGP.  The 3 phases are tracking, obedience and protection.  

Wavy Circles
German shepherd dog heeling with a woman

Because a well trained dog is a pleasure is the online home for BIG VALLEY DOG TRAINING, the premier dog training facility in California's Central Valley.  For the family pet, or the serious competitor, we offer a variety of programs to suit your specific needs.  We believe in obedience for all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments; and we give dog handlers the education they need to have the pet of their



Craig a BVDT repeat client

We lost our dog here recently. He was the best dog ever thanks to the training we did 10 years ago at BVDT.  We wouldn't take the new puppy anywhere else!  BVDT is the best!

Sasha a BVDT client

We came home and the door was open.  We sent the dog in first and told him to search the house.  When he came back, we knew no one was in there.  What a great feeling!

Jennifer a BVDT client

Joel is an amazing teacher!  He was super patient with both me and my dog!

We Take Pride in Our Name

Most of BVDT's referrals  come through word of mouth.  
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