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Send in Your Best Photos!

BVDT wants to do a calendar of dogs and training and we want YOU in it! Well be hitting up Sara and Landshark Photography for some of her fantastic work but should you have others you think might be a good fit, send them to Britt. Joel is thinking in categories but if you have a great photo that doesn’t fit, send it anyway and we’ll see what we get!!

January- Tracking

February- Obedience

March- Protection

April- Playing

May- Show Photos

June- Lake Day

July- Environmental or Suit work

August- Jumps/Dumbells

Sept. Protection Drives

Oct.- Critique Pics.

Nov.- Fuss

Dec.- Longbites

I want to add Hot Helper pics. In there somewhere ha!

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Lori Lippincott
Lori Lippincott
Jan 26, 2021

How fun!

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