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Free 4th Fun & a warning to keep dogs safe during July!

If you're looking for entertainment for the 4th of July weekend, look no further than home of BVDT. Wildwest Dogsport will be hosting its summer trial on Saturday and Sunday at 14886 Lombardy St.

Delhi, CA. Admission is FREE and we're starting early to beat the heat! Saturday July 6th tracking will be at 7am. Sunday, July 7th will be obedience and tracking at 7am as well. Plan is to be finished by 9:30am before it really heats up. Hope to see you early birds there!

A Jack Russel terrier puppy dressed up for 4th of July with star glasses and matching hat and bandana
Happy 4th of July America!

BVDT wishes you and your family a fabulous 4th filled with fun and laughter as we celebrate the birth of this great country!! To keep your special day fun, make sure to protect your furry friends and keep your dog safe from not so friendly fire. The loud noises and fireworks can really frighten many dogs and cause them enough anxiety that they may hurt themselves or your property trying to get away from it. Make sure you plan ahead for your dog if you will be out celebrating. We suggest putting them in their crates inside your bathroom or other small enclosed room with the radio or TV on to muffle any overly rambunctious party goers and their firework fanfare.

Another thing to always remember, don't pet your dog if you see it's afraid. Petting is afirmation so if you see your dog is very nervous about a plastic bag blowing by and your pet it; you are really telling them, "yes, that's scary". Instead play with your dog so he can learn to overcome a "scary" stimuli or you can ask your dog to do a behavior like, "fuss" and reward with food. Dogs can't think about two things at once so if he's concentrating on you then he's not thinking about the plastic bag blowing by. Hope these tips help you have a safe and happy 4th of July with your family and dogs. Stay safe out there and happy training!

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