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Our Story

The Difference

BVDT was founded to fill in a gap in the pet industry that offers personalized training with proven methods so people can better interact with their dogs.  Years of experience teaching both people and dogs have enabled Joel to develop training programs with reproducible and transferable results.  That means we offer people an education in dog behavior with results that work!  You won't find a kid who watched a 4 hour video, or a one size fits all approach at BVDT.

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Our Goal

Is to provide unparalleled services to dogs and their owners, addressing their specific training concerns with a variety of programs to fit both the people and individual breeds, temperaments, and ages.  We strive to educate people about dog behavior and equip them to train the dogs they love.

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We do all of our teaching through motivation.  Because dogs learn through positive repetition, we guide and redirect puppies, rewarding them with food, praise and toys.  We build, but not bribe, pay without punishment as we shape and lure behaviors.  Three things are essential: patience, consistency and timing.  Having all three is optimal, but timing is key.

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The Perfect Balance

Yes!  We believe in corrections for dogs who understand a behavior and choose not to comply.  Most times those are leash corrections.  For more biddable dogs, a firm "No", is enough to suffice; but you won't see us standing with a cookie while one dog attacks another.  Knowing when and how to correct is critical to your dog's training.  We can show you exactly how and when based on your individual dog.  No two are the same and neither should your rewards and corrections be!

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